Polina De Carlo
Piano Instructor, Concert Performer, Music Manager

Education and Performance

Polina De Carlo is a well experienced and certified piano teacher. She accepts new students for individual piano lessons based on motivation and the desire to learn and practice, and has great enthusiasm and passion for teaching seriously dedicated students. The level of each new student may be determined by an audition or an interview. Musical instructions are 
to individuals of all ages at the teacher's studio, at student's home or via internet video, and they are under the following categories:

  • Classical PIANO - beginner/intermediate/advanced
  • Classical VOICE - beginner/intermediate

Polina De Carlo provides piano and instrumental student training and accompaniment for various piano competitions and festivals such as Louise DeFeo Parillo piano competition
, Anthony R. Stefan competition, Lois Lyman Concerto competition, instrumental and vocal NYSSMA, college auditions and recordings, etc. Polina De Carlo accepts new students needing an accompanist for pieces of any level of difficulty.

As a performer, Polina De Carlo is available as a soloist for special events, as well as a concertmeister for individual vocal or instrumental musicians and ensembles. Her technical abilities are differ in many music genres and styles, whether it is classical, latin, jazz, modern or contemporary. Polina De Carlo guarantees responsibility and professional approach to all commitments to the events.

Teaching Philosophy

Polina De Carlo's teaching philosophy matches the idea that music helps to develop a complete and well-rounded person and supports studies that show that a child who learns music does better in other subjects. In piano class, Polina De Carlo not only emphasizes playing the instrument according to her standards, but believes that it is important to develop in students a deep appreciation for music history, styles, knowledge of composers and their works, a variety of musical genres, as well as to discover talent and facilitate musical creativity and interest in piano for life.

Teaching Method 

Built on the combination of the greatest Russian and European classical traditions in music education, Polina De Carlo's teaching method is intended to discover the internal musical abilities of a student and motivated to expand the foundation and general knowledge in music. Individual piano lessons are thoroughly developed to advance student's abilities of sight reading, piano technique and theory. The big emphasis is put on helping a student to 
establish a proper practicing routine and teaching to self-analytical musical skills. 

Goals and Expectations

In piano class, Polina De Carlo has an individual approach to her students, and therefore sets goals depending on the musical development and interest of each student. As an educator, Polina De Carlo's expectations are to learn piano at the pace of every student's abilities, but with the necessary engagement of the maximum effort to achieve the desirable progression and growth.